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Hayun Cho

Home town: Born in Seoul and now lives near Chicago
Favorite poet: Nayyirah Waheed

She enjoys many things, including eating, watching movies, and wearing blue clothes. Hayun is a November baby (she’s still confused about what being a Scorpio means).

sophie 1.jpg

Sophie Dillon

Home town: New Have, CT
Favorite Poet: Richard Siken and Natalie Diaz

Sophie Dillon is a New Haven native who likes getting rubbed.
If she had an ark, she’d think twice about letting in the pigeons.
I mean, come on.

rianna 3
Rianna Johnson-Levy

Joey Lew

Home town: Durham, NC
Favorite poets: Saul Williams, Henry David Thoreau

Joey loves food, dogs, and exercise. She doesn’t like mornings, Mondays, or lab reports. She is a chem major, and the varsity women’s fencing captain. She has a black labrador/mutt named August who is an asshole, but she loves him because he is less of an asshole than most people (and the absolute cutest & sweetest).


Olivia Klevorn

Home town: Chicago, IL
Favorite poets: Anne Carson or Robert Hass

Olivia’s favorite thing to do is nothing. She doesn’t believe in God. She’s most looking forward to the rapture. Her favorite poet is either Anne Carson or Robert Hass. She doesn’t believe either one really exists.

Connor Szostak

Home town: Grand Blanc, MI
Favorite poet: Angel Nafis

Connor’s journey towards writing poetry started when he was 8 and realized he probably wasn’t going to play professional basketball for a living. He is majoring in English because he enjoys stressing out his parents. Connor is still confused as to how he’s yet to make an appearance on the Sad Yale Boys Instagram page.


J.T. Flowers

Home town: Portland, Oregon
Favorite poet: Ashia Ajani, his wonderful and inspiring Cultural Connections (CC) daughter.

JT Flowers hails from the bustling semi-metropolis of Portland, Oregon. He was 7 years old upon securing his first post as a part-time barista, and has been widely heralded for his work to eradicate the man-bun from the “aesthetic” of the contemporary Pacific Northwest.



Grace Alofe

Home town: Union, NJ
Favorite poet: Lucille Clifton

Grace has been serving honesty with a smile since she learned the word “unapologetic.” If given the chance, Olubusayo will stir the bubbles out of her gingerale, write dissatisfied letters to the writers of Gilmore Girls, and reknit the same scarf from the 8th grade. She loves to watch Dave Harris reteach the Truth when he dances or speaks. He’s her real favorite poet.

yuni 3
Yuni Chang

Hometown: Somewhere in New Jersey (hah!)


Alex Zhang (President)

Hometown: Little Rock, AR



Ashia Ajani (Creative Director)

Home town: Denver, CO
Favorite poet: Sandra Cisneros & Warsan Shire

She likes mango smoothies, avocados with hot sauce, and little dogs wearing people clothes.

Anita Norman (Social Media Maven)

Home town: Memphis, TN

In elementary school, Anita poured glue on her hands just so she could peel it off- other people thought that was weird. Her greatest aspiration in life is to open a trouser shop. The little moments count most in her world and family is EVERYTHING!! She is betrothed to Taye Diggs and Nathan Owens jointly, they just don’t know it yet.

Fernando Rojas (Treasurer)

Hometown: Anaheim, CA



Prisca Dognon


Sidney Saint-Hilaire

Arya Sundaram

Kamau Walker