Current Members



Ashia Ajani

Hometown: Denver, CO

College: Timothy Dwight

Ashia is an environmental studies major. She is from Denver, Colorado, queen city of the plains. She believes language is but a limited vehicle to convey feeling, but it’s the best we can do.



Alex's Fave (1)

Fernando Rojas

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

College: Ezra Stiles

Fernando is a pioneer in ~ memory studies ~ at Yale. He enjoys daily trips to Taco Bell, in between nightly trips to Taco Bell.




Sidney 1

Sidney Saint-Hilaire

Hometown: Elmont, NY

College: Benjamin Franklin

Sidney is from Elmont, Long Island but he tells everyone it’s JUST like Queens. His love language is playlist making and he firmly believes that the fate of music history weighs on Lil Uzi’s rolling shoulders.




Prisca Dognon

Hometown: Chicago, IL

College: Silliman

Prisca’s only ambition is to be on Love Island so that she can tell them all that love is a construct. Her three main food groups are mangoes, smoothies, and mango smoothies. Ask her about being tired at Yale.




Arya Sundaram 

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

College: Davenport

Arya’s favorite quote is from Andrea Gibson: ‘fear is only a verb if you let it be.’





Kamau Walker

Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

College: Silliman

Truth be told, if you and Kamau’s snake were drowning at the same time, there’s a 60% chance he’d save the snake. But he’d also write a poem about the existential crisis that making that decision cost him, so you’d still get something out of it.




Lizzie Dolan

Hometown: Safety Harbor, FL

College: Timothy Dwight

Lizzie one time thought an olive was a grape and has been traumatized ever since.




Irene2Irene Vazquez

Hometown: Houston, TX

College: Berkeley

Irene is an Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major who loves intersectional feminism and using the word ‘diaspora.’ She lives by the Mary Oliver quote, ‘I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing, as though I had wings.’



Kiran2Kiran Baucom

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

College: Benjamin Franklin

Kiran is only a member of WORD because BROCKHAMPTON told her she wasn’t ‘boyband material.’ Whatever that means. The thing she’s most looking forward to in life is being a senior citizen, mostly for the discounts. She’s not as excited about all the stuff before that.




Christina Hijiya 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

College: Davenport

Christina loves calling inanimate objects ‘she,’ funny pictures of dogs, and jazz quartets. Remember when Cardi B said ‘I’m just a regula shmegula degula girl from the Bronx’? Christina really felt that. Except she’s from Chicago. Christina can be found in her suite drinking obscene amounts of coffee and then proceeding to take scientifically superior naps.


Oscar2Oscar Lopez

Hometown: McAllen, TX

College: Timothy Dwight

Oscar is convinced that Florence Welch is the Second Coming of Christ. His favorite things are writing, the color indigo, his family, and RuPaul’s Drag Race, though not in that exact order. You can often find him at the TD library laughing at his phone or screaming internally.



Kinsale1Kinsale Hueston

Hometown: Corona del Mar, CA / Navajo Mt, UT

College: Timothy Dwight

Kinsale’s writing is inspired by strong women of color. Despite growing up on the West Coast, she loves 90s East Coast hip hop a little too much. Her style can be described as a funky fresh yet somewhat concerning mix of skater boy, Yale sad boy, the bass line of any Tribe Called Quest song, and Will Smith in his Fresh Prince days.


Caitlyn1Caitlyn Clark

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

College: Pierson

Caitlyn became the youngest person to hold the title of Teen Poetry Slam Grand Champion at age 14. She went on to represent the Bay Area at Brave New Voices and has performed alongside John Legend, Sharon Jones, and Rosario Dawson, amongst others. Her work has been published in the Bay Area Youth Anthology and Straight Up: an Intergenerational LGBTQ+ Anthology. She likes to aerial pole dance in her free time.


Logan1Logan Klutse

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

College: Timothy Dwight

Logan wears lots of below-average button-downs, sometimes unironically. Buying him food will also buy his friendship. He loves the paraphrased Nicki Minaj quote ‘Don’t accept the pickle juice,’ because he thinks it’s important not to settle when you can push yourself to do better, and also because it’s good that an icon like her dislikes pickles. They’re disgusting. That’s way too much sodium.