Audition with us!

Auditions are incredibly low pressure and fun. All you have to do is bring in a poem you’ve written and perform it for us (memorized or with paper in hand). We will help you along the way and we love to hear anyone’s work, no matter what year or experience level (most of us had never done spoken word prior to Yale). The only thing that matters is that you are enthusiastic.

We host an annual WORDShop at the beginning of the year, where you can come in and try your hand at writing spoken word, bring in your own poems and edit them with us, or just hang out with our community of poets.

Auditions for the 2019-2020 school year will be held on September 11th, 13th, and 14th. Sign-up slots are available hereAs always, you can shoot an email to if you’re interested in auditioning and want to know more!

YOU: Can you tell me a bit about the group?

WORD: We usually have about 15 members a year. We like to keep it small so that the group has a nice family-like atmosphere, and so each poem gets the attention it deserves.

YOU: What do you do in meetings? 

WORD: We write poems individually and in groups, we edit them, we work on performance techniques, we goof around and hang out. The group is really relaxed, and we always make sure to have a ton of fun.

YOU: Does anything else happen?

WORD: We run weekly poetry workshops for students in local high schools throughout the year. Performance-wise, we have two main shows a year, one at the end of each semester. We also perform at show collaborations with the other poetry groups on campus, usually around Halloween and Valentine’s Day. We also encourage our members to perform individually at various spoken word events on- and off-campus.

YOU:  Well this all sounds great, but, I have a confession to make – I’ve never done performance poetry before. I haven’t even really written poetry seriously before.

WORD: That’s totally fine! Most of our members actually never did performance poetry before joining WORD, and many of them came from backgrounds in other creative activities. What we’re most concerned with in auditions is the potential we see in each candidate as a poet, a performer, and a group member. Try your hand at it – you never know, you might find just creative outlet you’ve been looking for.

YOU: Cool! What were you saying about auditions?

WORD: They’re really relaxed and not scary at all. Anyone can try out, from bright-and-eager first-years to old-and-crotchety seniors. Auditions will be sometime within the first month of school – click the Contact link above to be notified or to send us a message. And feel free to approach any WORD member if you have questions. We look forward to meeting you!