WORD: Performance Poetry at Yale is Yale University’s hypest performance poetry group. It’s a group of about 15 students who meet once a week on Wednesdays from 9pm-12am. During meetings we write, perform, share, laugh, cry and hang out. At the end of the day, WORD is a family of people who love each other and love what they do 🙂


We put on the biggest spoken word performances on campus, teach workshops in middle schools and high schools, and tour around the country each year. Everyone in the group has different styles and levels of experience with writing and performance. In a addition to WORD, many of our members are a part of Yale’s traveling slam poetry team, which competes against other colleges on the national level.

WORD has been leading performances and workshops for years— everywhere from Stuyvesant and Choate high schools to Barnard College and UC Boulder. Our poets have been published and recorded and competed nationwide. If interested in booking, please email wordatyale@gmail.com.


WORD puts on one major show per semester that is always sold out with an audience of people who love to watch us share. Outside of these two major shows, WORD also does collaboration shows with Teeth and Oye!, the other poetry groups on campus, and we perform at local high schools